The ISP-Zürisee AG

The company InsektenSchutzProdukte ISP-Zürisee AG, founded in 2002, specializes in protecting living spaces from insects. In our own production facility, all custom-made insect screen variants for windows, doors and cellar light wells are individually adapted and manufactured to each property. The frames of the various insect screens are made of aluminum, pressed inside with corner angles and partially glued, so that a high level of stability is achieved. One advantage of in-house production is the short delivery times. In addition, the company can cost-effectively respond to any color request by customers. Furthermore, there is great flexibility in terms of options, variants and special requests. ISP-Zürisee AG is one of the leading production companies for made-to-measure insect screens with probably the largest selection of products in Switzerland.

100% Swiss-Made in Swiss quality.

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