Light well covers

The light well covers are placed on the existing grating and either glued to the grating or screwed to the cement base. The flat and stable profile means there is no risk of tripping. The nets have a reinforced fabric and are therefore accessible. An additionally integrated perforated plate is possible for extreme loads.

Frame profiles:
– Anodized or anthracite
– High stability thanks to the pressed corners

Quality networks:
– Woven from shiny chrome steel thread, 0.6mm
– Mesh size approx. 1.5 x 1.5mm


Wall brush

The brush on the wall seals the unevenness of the house facade.


Chrome steel mesh

The chrome steel net of the cover is woven from a chrome steel thread of 0.6mm.


Perforated plate

Available as an option for extreme use.


Aluminum frame

The frame is made of aluminum and is only 7mm high. Thus there is absolutely no risk of tripping.


Profile colors

The frame profiles are available in the colors anodized and anthracite.


Mounting options

The cover is either glued to the existing grating or screwed directly onto the cement base.

Photo and video gallery

Light well cover assembly

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