Interior shading

Plisse privacy screen

The filigree, problem-free technology, combined with very high-quality fabrics, inspires everyone. More privacy and shading thanks to the modern, high-quality pleated blinds for windows and doors. With several 100 design variants, there are solutions for practically every window. This makes the plisse one of the most popular products of all.

Privacy roller blind

The roller blind is available in different operating modes. From manual central hoist to chain hoist to electric drive, with remote control if required, everything is possible. There are substances that break light or change when exposed to light. Metallic, wood and natural tones, but also simple, functional design such as lines and graphics.

Privacy blinds

The blind is not only characterized by simple, timeless elegance. It makes it easy to regulate and direct the light like no other product. The high-quality workmanship with valuable materials guarantees years of problem-free function. We offer you solutions for straight, sloping, trapezoidal or round windows. Also in a wide variety of colors, whether printed or monochrome, made of wood or aluminum.

Panel curtains/panels

Large window fronts and glass surfaces are perfect for large panel curtains. They are perfect for modern homes and offices. Depending on the area of application, there are fabric qualities in different levels of transparency. Experience the whole world of patterns, prints and embellishments. Panel curtains are a wonderful way to beautify and decorate your windows. There are matching panels in plain color for every existing design. Treat yourself to a touch of opulence and luxury through fabrics with interwoven shiny threads and a noble metallic shimmer. Let yourself be enchanted by floral motifs such as flowers and leaf tendrils.

Louvre curtains/vertical

The elegant ones for an interesting play of light and shadow. Light and airy, but also opaque and powerful, you know the slat curtain from the large windows in the office. The vertical slats can be continuously adjusted manually or electrically. With an enormous range of different fabrics in many designs and colors, it is also increasingly conquering your own four walls.

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